IDX is a system where brokers give each other permission to display their listings on each other’s websites, mobile apps and audio devices. Brokers who participate in the program can display all of each other’s active listings. If you choose not to participate, no other broker will be permitted to display your listings. You may include your listings in the Broker Reciprocity database without having your own web site.


Frame the MLS search to your website with no programming required on your end. Listings display in real-time and include up-to-the-minute changes. The Custom IDX Search feature allows you to display listings in the areas of your expertise.

Cost: $29.99/month


Raw data is supplied to your web developer through The MLS Grid.  A WebAPI will allow data access to support a custom front end for an MLS listing search.  Your MLS Search will have a customized look and feel that is created by the developer.  Your IDX developer is responsible for developing, updating, and managing the front-end search for your website.

No Member Cost

Click Here for IDX Vendor/Developer information and related fees.

Add Multi Language Search to IDX

Enrich your current website by subscribing to Immobel’s Multi-Lingual IDX Search and enable your site visitors to search properties in not only English but many additional languages. Your website will become searchable by international buyers all over the world and your business will be placed on international search engines.

Agent Cost: $19.99/month

Office Cost: $54.99/month

For a Broker to opt out of having their listings displayed on other Broker’s websites and not displaying their listings on yours fill out and submit the IDX Opt Out Form.