Check here to see if your iOS and Android phone versions are compatible with the SentriKey app –

Please note that each device manufacturer determines whether they will allow the latest version of their software on their devices.   Additionally, not all devices (iPhone or Android) are able to meet the minimum system requirements, as the device could be too old to handle the software.  Please email with any questions.

Stronger, more reliable, and smarter than any other lockbox––so you can securely and conveniently access homes while creating great home showing experiences.

The SentriGuard® lockbox – SentriLock’s next-generation electronic lockbox – is the most reliable, easiest-to-use, and smartest lockbox on the planet. It is packed with industry-first technology so REALTORS® can securely and conveniently, access homes while creating great showing experiences.


  • Multiple lockbox access methods – use the SentriKey® mobile app with your PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition – or, open with just a tap, using the “touch-n-show” feature.
  • Provide secure non-member, time-specific access via the SentriConnect® mobile app or the new Flex-Codes.
  • Provide time-specific access to OneKey® MLS subscribers via the “Access by Appointment” feature.


Please download the SentriKey® Real Estate App now via the Apple Store or Google Play.  Instructions on how to access & download the App are available HERE

SentriLock® Web-based training for the SentriKey Real Estate app. Available HERE.