OneKey® MLS is committed to reporting accurate and reliable sales data that is drawn straight from the MLS.

Reports are published monthly and quarterly, and show closed and pending sales trends, available inventory and other important variables. Check out our most recent reports for Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster or Putnam Counties.

  • AVERAGE: The total of all the prices of all the units divided by the number of units.
  • MEDIAN: The point at which 50% of the units are above that price and 50% below the price. Sometimes referred to as the Mid-Point.
  • PENDING A property is placed in pending status once a contract is executed.
  • CLOSED:  An actual transfer of property to a new owner and consideration has been paid.
  • INVENTORY: This represents the active supply of properties, or listings, on the market

OneKey® MLS Regional Coverage – October 2021

Source: MLS Stratus and Matrix

Regional Market Data – October 2021 325.21 KB

Regional Market Data includes all transactions for Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Westchester, Bronx, Putnam, Orange, Rockland and Sullivan counties.

Complete Regional Report – October 2021 325.21 KB

(Report includes Brooklyn, Dutchess & Ulster County transactions.)

    Shareable Marketing Data Graphics

    Long Island – October 2021

    Source: OneKey® MLS & MLS Stratus

    Nassau 227.96 KB

    Queens 227.25 KB

    Suffolk 226.25 KB

    *Brooklyn 206.91 KB

    LI Market Highlights 680.63 KB

      * Out of Area

      Hudson Valley – October 2021

      Source: OneKey® MLS

      Hudson Valley Market Report 271.44 KB

      Hudson Valley Market Highlights 331.16 KB

      Westchester County 35.98 KB

      Orange County 34.40 KB

      Putnam County 37.31 KB

      Rockland County 35.25 KB

      Bronx County 36.58 KB

      Sullivan County 32.35 KB

      *Ulster County 224.64 KB

      *Dutchess County 222.40 KB

        * Out of Area

        Hudson Valley – Second Qtr 2021

        Source: ShowingTime

        Hudson Valley 2nd Qtr Report 202.06 KB

        Westchester County 453.68 KB

        Orange County 433.70 KB

        Putnam County 435.04 KB

        Rockland County 443.17 KB

        Bronx County 435.72 KB

        Sullivan County 384.21 KB

        *Ulster County 532.84 KB

        *Dutchess County 449.22 KB

          * Out of Area

          2020 Year End LI Market Reports

          Source: MLS Stratus and Matrix

          Nassau 34.51 KB

          Queens 32.90 KB

          Suffolk 33.91 KB

          LI Highlights 166.11 KB

          2020 LI Market Recap Press Release 51.76 KB

            Hudson Valley data is in beta testing.