September 22nd, 2020

A Message From Jim Speer – CEO, OneKey™ MLS

Each year at this time there are many questions regarding the Association dues vs. the MLS Subscriber Fees. They typical question is “If I pay dues to the Association why do I also pay a Subscriber Fee to the MLS?” 

The simple answer to the above question is that Association dues and MLS fees are NOT the same and the monies are used solely by each organization for the different services they each provide. The Associations and OneKey™ MLS are totally separate entities.

 The money paid to OneKey™ MLS in the Participation and Subscriber fees are what allows us to provide the products and services used each day in your business. These include such things as the MLS systems, public records, online forms, and to provide leads, the staff contacted on a daily basis for assistance and many more.

The typical subscriber fees around the country range from $20 – $45 per month. As you know, the OneKey™ MLS Subscriber Fee for 2020 was $110 for the year, which comes to less than $10 per month.

As the Board of Managers puts together the budget for 2021, they will work hard to stay below what the typical fees are paid by MLS Subscribers around the country.