September 7, 2022

OneKey MLS Helps Your Reach and Stay Connected with Consumers on Social Media For many of us, creating and posting our own content that will engage consumers on our social media channels is a daunting task, and one that might fall low on our priorities list, especially when we are focused on transactions. OneKey MLS… Read more »

Video Center, Help Center, and More

Every day is unpredictable in the real estate business. The standard nine-to-five schedule likely doesn’t apply to you. Your schedule may be set in stone one moment and completely in flux the next. When back-to-back showings are scheduled or a client needs your attention, you may lose precious time you’ve had set aside for training… Read more »

August 23, 2022

Rule 310.6 Original Listing Date Retained When listing information is changed or if the Property is re-listed by the same listing broker before the original expiration or extended expiration date of the original listing, and the Property Class remains the same, then the listing shall retain its original listing date. The only exception to this… Read more »