Video Center, Help Center, and More

Every day is unpredictable in the real estate business. The standard nine-to-five schedule likely doesn’t apply to you. Your schedule may be set in stone one moment and completely in flux the next. When back-to-back showings are scheduled or a client needs your attention, you may lose precious time you’ve had set aside for training and education.

We get it. Flexible scheduling may be one of the reasons you enjoy working in this industry. That’s why we offer the Video Help Center, for all self-starters and odd-hour workers, and anyone hoping to expand their knowledge of products and services during their downtime

Here’s just one of the many videos we have posted for you…

Always More:

You may not always be available at the webinar’s scheduled time, but you’re always welcome to sign up for Trainings and Webinars anyway. We’ll make sure you can access the recordings for anything you’ve registered for. Even if your schedule changes at the last minute or if you duck out halfway through, we understand and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

One Last Thing, We’re Here…

Here to provide the products, tools, and services you need, here to ensure you’re getting as much as you can out of your FREE Member Benefits, and here to take suggestions on what more we can offer you. Visit the Product Training Page and scroll down to our Suggestion Box, where you can tell us what products and services you’d like more information about.