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The Bronx has seen numerous revitalization efforts during the past few decades, making it an up-and-coming borough with a richly diverse culture. Home to famous landmarks such as New York Botanical Garden, Yankee Stadium, Orchard Beach, and the Bronx Zoo, and a thriving music and art scene, families are proud to live here and enjoy all the area has to offer.

Brooklyn (Kings County)

Brooklyn offers a wealth of cultural museums, world-class restaurants and bars, a thriving theater and art scene and first-rate housing opportunities. From high-rise apartments, to townhomes, co-ops and condos, Brooklyn has something to suit everyone. Its rich cultural heritage is popular among young professionals looking for an easy commute to Manhattan.


Dutchess County is home to sprawling landscapes, quaint rural villages, and walkable suburban towns. The recent influx of people relocating from Westchester and NYC has both maintained the spacious, peaceful beauty while infusing modern conveniences. Hike historic trails, camp near gorgeous lakes, and catch a hot air balloon race annually along the Hudson.


Nassau County is home to world-renowned beaches and tight-knit communities taking great pride in their towns. Thanks to its proximity to NYC, many families and young professionals have put down roots here. Residents enjoy a mix of big-name stores and family-owned boutiques, as well as gourmet restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and beautiful outdoor spaces.


As one of the fastest growing counties in the NY Metro area, Orange County offers convenient, commuter-friendly rail service and boasts some of NY’s biggest landmarks, including West Point, Storm King Arts Center and the Appalachian Trail. Drift down the Delaware, dine at riverside bistros, and enjoy award-winning wineries in the nation’s first wine-producing region.


Putnam County is the heart of the Hudson Valley and is made up of small towns and villages. This scenic, highly valued land is home to resort communities and growing families. It is one of the country’s most affluent places. Go antiquing, ski the slopes, hike on the trails, and ride horseback, then visit the Chuang Yen Monastery, the only American library specializing in Buddhist history.


Queens is NYC’s largest and most diverse borough with equally diverse housing options, including high-rise apartments, single-family homes, and brownstones. Lively and engaging, it is renowned for its art scene, the NY Hall of Science, and the many family-owned restaurants serving authentic cuisine using ingredients from the area’s many specialty markets.


Rockland may be the smallest mainland NY county, but located mere miles from Manhattan, it’s home to many city commuters looking for a quieter, greener, suburban environment with convenient public transportation options. The region is famous for numerous public and private golf courses, riverside parks, and hiking trails. The local economy is flourishing.


Suffolk, easternmost NY county, offers diverse suburban and rural housing options, like rustic farmhouses, modest homes, beach bungalows, and modern apartments. Locals suggest the Walt Whitman Historic Site, Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, Fire Island National Seashore, and numerous wineries, gourmet restaurants, and bustling downtown districts.


Sullivan County has been a favorite tourist destination for decades as it’s nestled in the beauteous Catskills. This sprawling real estate landscape is home to many resorts, outdoor wilderness adventures, and world-class entertainment, including the famous Woodstock Concert of the 1960s. Many come for a restorative visit but choose to make it their relaxed home base.


Ulster County, rich in wild woodlands and fertile farmland, is known for its thriving farms, wide-open spaces, charming shops and restaurants, and the opportunity to live free of NYC congestion. Those seeking a secluded spot find respite on remote properties, just beyond the Catskill Forest Preserve, and enjoy local farmers’ markets, kayaking, and plentiful historic sites.


Westchester County is home to many New York suburbanites who enjoy cosmopolitan convenience and close proximity to NYC. Locals recommend exploring the Rockefeller Estate, Croton Park, and the many castles, mansions, and boutiques. Find picturesque hamlets, thriving city energy, a bounty of theaters and historical sites, and scenic wilderness bursting with life.