The New Coming Soon Status

On Thursday, June 18th OneKey™ MLS will begin implementing a new “Coming Soon – No Showings” (or “Coming Soon”) status.  Below please find a list of questions and answers that will help explain what the Coming Soon status is, and the rules related to it. To view the entire rule, please see rule # 302.3.

Q. What is a Coming Soon Listing?

A Coming Soon Status listing is a listing for which there is a signed listing agreement and the owners have requested, in writing, that the property not yet be shown.

Q. What is the purpose of the Coming Soon status?

The Coming Soon status is to allow for a short period of time to prepare the property for showing.

Q. If the property is not ready to be shown, how do I enter the listing as Coming  Soon?

  1. Get the owner’s written instructions. (use the Coming Soon Authorization Form)
  2. Enter the “On Market Date” for the date the property will be ready to be shown.  This must be done at the time the listing is entered.

Q. How long can the listing remain as Coming Soon?

The Coming Soon status can remain in effect for up to 14 days maximum from the Listing Date, which is the date of the Listing Agreement, and may not be extended beyond that, but may be shortened if the property is ready to be shown earlier than anticipated. The listing automatically becomes active on the “On Market Date” so simply change the “On Market Date” to an earlier date to put it on the market in Stratus, or use the “Change to Active” Edit option in Matrix.

The Coming Soon listings will appear on a search for available listings.  The listing will show a status of Coming Soon until the “On Market Date” passes, at which time the LSC will update to New on Stratus, and as an Active status on Matrix.

Q. What if the property is not ready to be shown at the end of 14 days?

 It would need to be changed to Temporarily Off the Market (TOM).

Q. Can the property be shown while Coming Soon?

No, the property may not be shown by anyone, including the listing office.  Appointments may be made and open houses scheduled for AFTER the “On Market Date”.

Q. How can Coming Soon listings be advertised?

  1. Coming Soon listings will be displayed on the MLS system and on any MLS website and app.  These will be included in the feed to IDX and VOW sites. 
  2. The MLS will not syndicate Coming Soon listings to advertising websites such as, RPR, the Zillow Group, ListHub sites, etc.
  3. Coming Soon listings may be displayed on the company’s own website, on social media postings, flyers, and be sent by email.
  4. All displays of Coming Soon listings must be stated as such and include the “On Market Date”.  For Sale signs must state this is “Coming Soon”.