Stay Connected to Consumers with These MLS Resources

Online education is the best thing to do right now. REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) – a FREE Member Benefit provides you with a great learning center and new ways to grow your business.

Check out RPR’s Learning Center, which features live webinars with instructors who can respond to questions as well as a library of previously recorded webinars on topics like:

  • Listing presentations
  • CMAs
  • Farming neighborhoods
  • Business-building strategies.

During this time, it’s important to stay connected to your clients and prospects through social media.

According to RPR now is a good time for the to be proactive on social media. Facebook recently reported a spike in usage during the pandemic. With more visitors to the platform, real estate pros can find ways to connect. You can share RPR Market Activity Reports on your Facebook pages or directly to customers in keeping in touch during this time.

Homesnsap Pro: FREE Broker Productivity Suite

Broker Suite is a collection of features that integrate the brokerage branding, communication, and technology into Homesnap. Click here for more info. Brokerage logos and brand colors are displayed in a variety of places in the Homesnap app/website and shown to both agents and clients. Any broker wishing to obtain more information can schedule a free demo session below.

RETechnology – A FREE Source for Real Estate Tech Advice

A FREE MLS Member Benefit, RETechnology keeps you updated on the latest trends and advice on what you can do to keep your business moving forward. RETechnology creates articles for brokers and also has specific content for agents. Your free subscription includes access to webinars, technology product reviews, helpful tips, exclusive offers and a comprehensive directory of tech products.