OneHome™ by CoreLogic® is the new client portal for Matrix™ that helps you collaborate with clients and remain at the center of their home search.

Available to your clients by invitation only, OneHome™ provides access to rich property data, neighborhood insights, location scores, school boundaries, and more. It also helps rank listings by suitability to provide clients with a better search experience, illuminating client behavior so you can better understand their priorities. Best of all, you manage and respond to everything for OneHome directly within Matrix. Your clients collaborate with you through your OneHome portal connected to your Matrix account.

Product Training

OneHome™ Learning Lab Now Available!

The OneHome™ Learning Lab in Matrix provides access to training resources and materials. Not only can you learn about OneHome™ here, but you can also use these resources to help teach your clients.

How to Access the OneHome™ Learning Lab

  1. Click the OneHome™ Learning Lab widget on your Matrix homepage.
  2. Click the OneHome™ tab, scroll down to resources, and start learning!
  3. Click the OneHome™ Marketing tab to access resources you can share with your clients.

OneHome™ Tips

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Introducing OneHome