November 29, 2022

Board of Managers Approves 2023
Budget Focus is on Business Growth

Today’s message is about the steps we are taking to move our organization into Phase 2, which focuses on growth. We have spent the past few years building the framework for OneKey MLS and on that solid foundation we are now ready to take our business to the next level.

A key component of Phase 2 is enhancing the leadership. I am pleased to announce the new position of Chief Operating Officer, and the appointment of Melissa King, who will begin working for OneKey MLS on December 1st. She has worked for some of the biggest players in our industry including Bright MLS, Stellar MLS, and Compass.  Melissa is an expert collaborator, and the breadth of her industry knowledge will be invaluable. She will play an integral part in our future growth and success. We look forward to working with her!

To continue growing our business in line with our strategic plan, we must be willing to invest in the future. The Board of Managers, after several planning sessions and thorough discussions regarding revenue and expenses has approved the 2023 budget. The new annual subscriber fee will be $140, and the monthly Broker participant fee will be $190 in the coming year. These fees represent a modest increase, to accommodate for inflationary pressures and to support our increased focus on growing the consumer’s awareness of, our public facing website.  The goal is to have become The ONE Source Real Estate Marketplace, which will ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Invoices will be emailed to all REALTORS® by the end of this week and are payable by December 31st. In the event you don’t receive an email from us by Monday, please contact your Customer Service team. Thank you for your continued support and the trust you place in your Multiple Listing Service.