Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions we’ve received so far regarding the MLS Transition. Click on each question to view the answer. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

I am not a REALTOR® and do not belong to a REALTOR® association.  Am I required to join one now to access OneKey MLS?

I’m not currently a subscriber of OneKey MLS. Should I sign up should I wait until the transition is complete?

Will OneKey MLS be honoring our current contract which expires in June 2024?

To whom do I pay my dues? What are the fees?

How long will the Mid-Hudson system be available?

I’m already a OneKey MLS participant or subscriber and have been creating duplicate listings in Mid-Hudson MLS and OneKey MLS for maximum exposure. What will happen to the duplicate listing?

Will my saved contacts automatically be transferred to the new Matrix database?

Will open houses be automatically transferred to the new Matrix database?

When will my listings appear on OneKey MLS?

Will only Active listings be transferred? What about Closed and Expired listings?

What listing statuses does OneKey MLS support?

How much of the listing data will be transferred to OneKey MLS?

Is it mandatory to use the OneKey MLS listing agreements?

What documents are required for OneKey MLS listings?

Does OneKey MLS use Black Knight Paragon? If not, when, and where will the training take place?

Who can I contact for MLS Support?