July 26, 2022

To help your business thrive, your OneKey MLS subscription gives you access to many free, innovative products. It’s part of our value proposition. It’s incredibly beneficial to have access to all of these great business tools, but they serve no purpose without the knowledge of how to best utilize them.

Product knowledge is powerful and gets you the competitive edge. To help you learn more about the products and services offered through your OneKey MLS subscription, we have created a comprehensive Product Training section on the OneKey MLS corporate site.  It’s appropriately placed within our resourceful HELP CENTER and contains a complete list of the upcoming free product training sessions that are hosted by our talented staff and/or the vendors’ product trainers. Check back often to see new, upcoming webinars and sign up to receive alerts on future product trainings, making it easier for you to keep learning throughout your career.

When you visit the Product Training page, you can send us suggestions for future sessions that you think would be valuable to you and your fellow REALTORS®. In the event you aren’t available during the webinar’s scheduled time, you can also use the Product Training page to link to all our previously recorded training webinars and learn at your pace when it’s most convenient for you.

FAQs: Where can I find…?

Q. Where can I find a copy of the OneKey MLS Rules & Regulations?

A. Participants and subscribers can access a copy of the Rules & Regulations on their MLS systems. On the Stratus Info Center the document is located under OneKey MLS Links and on Matrix it is located on the home page under External Links.

Q. Where can I find out what the New York State Real Estate Advertising requirements are?

A. Information is available on the Department of State website.

Q. Where can I find more about Clear Cooperation?

A. You can learn about the Clear Cooperation policy on the Help Center