Free Floor Plans are Now Available to OneKey® MLS Subscribers Via CubiCasa

CubiCasa is a revolutionary mobile app that produces detailed and attractive floor plans from a simple five-minute scan of a home. The app requires no training and no extra equipment; it will work with almost any smartphone or tablet you already own. Because it’s so easy to use, it can be used widely by agents, appraisers, real estate photographers and more.

Effective today, our partnership with CubiCasa brings the following benefits to our subscribers:

  • Free floor plans, with room dimensions and total square footage
  • 25% discount on optional add-ons such as fixed furniture, Appraisal GLA, rush orders, or large homes
  • The ability to edit and customize floor plan outputs to your needs
  • Access to CubiCasa’s directory of real estate photographers, if you prefer to work with a photographer on your listing. Additionally, CubiCasa can be used by any photographer you already work with.
  • To get started, visit the CubiCasa website here!

Add a Floor Plan with Measurements to Your Listings – For Free!

Why use CubiCasa floor plans on your listings?

  1. Get accurate measurements automatically for all rooms with a 5 minute scan
  2. Help your buyers see the potential of the home at one glance
  3. Stand out from the rest by adding the second most requested feature – for free

Download the CubiCasa Mobile App

Note: CubiCasa is exclusively available on IOS or Android devices

Learn More!

Visit the Cubicasa Knowledge Base

“This product is super easy to use! Just point your phone and start walking through the property and even the yard.  CubiCasa is so intuitive – it makes the floor plan for you.”

Frank Dellaccio

Chairman of the Board of Managers, OneKey MLS