August 9, 2022

Be The Source of All Things Real Estate

Earlier this year OneKey® MLS announced the addition of Down Payment Resource, (DPR) to the expansive business toolkit all our subscribers can access at no additional cost. DPR connects eligible buyers to available homebuyer assistance programs and identifies assistance-eligible listings in our area. With mortgage rates and local home prices continuing to climb, your customers will be glad to know that you have access to information about homebuyer assistance programs. Nowadays, it might make the difference between qualifying for a new home or not.

DPR is integrated into Stratus and Matrix, which means that any listings that meet the criteria for local, regional, or national homebuying assistance programs are flagged with this symbol, which appears next to the listing. (Refer to the picture below/left/right.) If you have a buyer interested in a property that is flagged with this icon, you can click on it to see what programs are available, then share that information with your buyer so they can take the next steps toward applying for assistance. Think how much your buyers will appreciate receiving this kind of information from you! They’ll be happy they’re working with a REALTOR® that is well-informed in all matters related to homeownership.

Initial reports indicate that many of you are already putting DPR to work for your business — Great! For those of you that are unfamiliar with how DPR works, I would suggest you watch this video that covers all the basics and will help get you started. You can also visit the DPR Resource Center or register to attend any of the live webinars hosted by DPR.

Thanks for giving me your time today and hope you are having a great summer!


Linda Lugo, Chairperson of the Board of Managers